who we are

What started out as a marine towing and salvage company in Rochester, our family owned business has grown rapidly in the past decade and is now a one stop shop for marine solutions in New York. Our management team and experienced crew have in-depth knowledge of local waterways, marine construction processes, a comprehensive understanding of the applicable legal and permitting environment, and ready access to the equipment needed to complete your project efficiently and safely. We continue to strengthen our operations through the acquisition of state of the art equipment, in addition to employing the most competent captains and crew. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, environmental sensibility, operational efficiency and commitment to safety.

Our Management Team

Jennifer Van Reenen, Owner and CEO

Jennifer is an attorney from Dublin, Ireland, who in addition to holding a certificate in Maritime Law and Contracts from Lloyds of London, also has a PhD and a masters in law.

Managing all the behind the scenes work, Jennifer ensures that SMG’s operations run smoothly and efficiently while adhering to the latest safety, legal and environmental standards in the industry.

To contact Jennifer, please email: jennifer@seawaymarinegroup.com

Captain Jakob Van Reenen, Owner and COO

Jake, from Rochester, NY, is a USCG Licensed Master Near Coastal with Radar Unlimited, Towing, AB, STCW, TWIC.

Jake manages SMG’s day to day operations. His in-depth knowledge of the marine environment and our equipment ensure that we have the most up-to-date and appropriate tools to assist you with your marine service needs.

To contact Jake, please email: jake@seawaymarinegroup.com